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Mauá – Los Grobo

What is Mauá

MAUÁ is the digital platform of Grupo Los Grobo created to provide producers with new solutions and experiences for their daily challenges: To trade in a better manner, access knowledge, encourage decision-making and keep permanently posted.

It is a complex platform that integrates Grupo Los Grobo planning tools with commercial and climate information apps, in which other technologies converge, such as Business Intelligence, and satellite information, thus offering users the best experience in both web and mobile devices.


What does Mauá offer



Collaborate in decision making


Clients of Grupo Los Grobo may access through Mauá to their current accounts, crop and input accounts, download vouchers, selected information about climate and markets, and maps for the potential productivity of their plots of land updated every 10 days.

In addition, the platform will facilitate the relationship and information flow between the members of our Community so that they can access exclusive content that will enable them to reach the best decisions, to learn from interacting with other producers, to be connected to global thinking and the most important leaders of the sector.

MAUÁ will help integrate new technologies and make them available to the producer.

The name

The name refers to and is a tribute to Irineu Evangelista de Sousa (Brazil, 1813-1889). Known as the "Baron de Mauá". Businessman, politician and banker.Mauá represents the values ​​of the entrepreneurial, innovative business community, involved with development and progress, committed to high human values.

The symbol

The icon that identifies development is born from an element that is very present in the digital world, such as the hashtag, or the command symbol of some computers.This reference places us in the IT scene, allowing that every time someone pays attention to the image of that key, we are close to them.


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